Mad Max (1979)

When today’s young audiences think of Mad Max, their mind’s eye probably wanders towards the Tom Hardy-helmed road-rage epic. While Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) gives an unforgettable take on the same character and is also a product of George Miller’s mind, this feverish, highly kinetic desert epic is utterly dissimilar to anything that was presented to us back in ’79. 

BREEDER (2014)

Hailed as the first entirely Maltese gore horror movie, Breeder (2014)  takes its main plot line from Patrick Vella’s previous short film, The Breeder (2013), a project which has been internationally recognised in quite a number of horror film festivals, garnering several awards in the process. In the 2013 short, the title character, played by Vella who also... Continue Reading →

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