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Thirty 5 Cents- Reviewing and Discussing Film

This website is about the many films I watched and loved, or at least, tried to love…and the ones which hardly deserve a second chance. In my life, I’ve watched many hundreds of films. I can’t feign having an exact count of the films I’ve watched, or even an estimate. In this website, I don’t just build up movies or destroy them. I tend to ramble on a bit about every aspect I liked about them or otherwise. I can honestly say that I do not have a favourite genre. I enjoyed movies which happened to be dramas, comedies, horror, animation, musicals, exploitation cinema and everything in between. As long as the story is competently told, both on and offscreen talent is effectively utilised and the techniques used serves the intended purpose, that film is a good film in my books. You’ll find I’m quite generous with my star rating system.

This website isn’t interested in reviewing and discussing series. Only movies (and the occasional short) are reviewed and discussed here. There are countless interesting films out there that are rarely (if ever) discussed. My goal is to bring just one of them to the table each week. Some reviews will be of films which are completely new to me. These will contain my honest first impressions of the film. Others will be of films I’d have seen many times before and know by heart. In both cases, I carefully watch or re-watch the films in question without any distractions immediately before writing the review.

This website isn’t a business. However, should you choose to purchase any of the films discussed in my website, I’d really appreciate if you do it through the link provided at the end of each review.

This website is not child/family friendly. It contains reviews and discussions of films which bear rating labels of anything from U to 18. Disney films are discussed here. As are banned films with unsimulated sex scenes. Film screengrabs which I find help me get a point across are included in each review. These screen grabs may contain images of violence, nudity and sexual acts which some people may find offensive or disturbing. This website is intended to be a reference point for those interested in the art of film and its critique.

This website invites you to participate in the discussion and in its operation through the use of comments. I enjoy reading your thoughts on my thoughts! Also, feel free to suggest films for me to watch and critique. I’ll try to do so and also give you a shout out on the film review itself.

This website exists for one reason. I want to tell you about films you may or may not have known about. I want to share the worlds and lives and stories I discover through film with you.

I’ve been fascinated by film since childhood. The video-rental shop just round the corner from my home was the best thing that could have happened to 5 year-old me. From an early age, (although perhaps not that early), I recognised the value I was acquiring for the price of each (non New Release) video I rented on my all-too-frequent visits to the shop. I met characters with fascinating stories. I learnt storytelling techniques. I met the heroes I would never meet in real life. I learnt to dream big. And it was all for the price of 35c.

Enjoy the movies!


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